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What is it?

Do you want to align your business with who you are, really? Have you evolved but your business hasn´t? 


This 2-day Soulful Business Intensive is for entrepreneurs who desire a holistic and transformative approach to their businesses.
If you are ready for your next level business, this experience is for you. 

How it works

Day 1: Soul Reading with Yvonne

Join Yvonne, the soul reader, for a session of deep exploration into the energetic structures of your business. Through field reading, Yvonne will provide profound insights into your current business questions, uncover hidden challenges, and offer guidance on your next steps.

Day 2

Day 3: Business Design with HanneleOn the second session, work with Hannele, the business designer, to transform Yvonne’s insights into actionable strategies. Hannele will help you implement the necessary changes to align your business with your newfound clarity, ensuring practical and intuitive success.


Who we are

Experience a transformative journey that blends soulful wisdom with strategic business design together with Yvonne Arnold and Hannele Korhonen. 

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Yvonne Arnold

Yvonne Arnold is a multi-passionate creative, filmmaker, and coach. She’s an entrepreneur dedicated to unlocking intuition, applying Quantum laws, and dissolving old thinking patterns. With the Soul Reader® Method, Yvonne guides individuals to discover inner abundance and life joy by untying mental knots, understanding the emotional landscape, and translating body sensations. Her international clientele benefits from her expertise in achieving a fulfilling life by harnessing their true potential and intuitive power

About Hannele

Hannele is an ex-corporate lawyer turned designer and coach. She’s a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for empowering women to succeed with soulful and impactful business. With a unique blend of legal and business expertise and intuitive vision, she helps entrepreneurs to create their own path on their own terms. Her innovative approach combines human-centricity, intuition, practical design methodology and business expertise.  

Note from Yvonne & Hannele

Do you know those home improvement TV shows where homeowners want to have a makeover for their home, making it more beautiful, more efficient, and just feel good again when entering? We do the same for online and offline business owners. 


As business owners ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to juggle many projects at once. We know the dynamics around time, money, sales, and fulfillment. 


Sometimes all it takes is turning a few knobs here and there. Sometimes it doesn't even require any action steps but simply a change in perspective.


This is where we come in. We understand the importance of aligning your business with your true self. Together, we bring a unique combination of legal expertise and humanities knowledge, infused with German-Finnish efficiency and warmth. Our personalized guidance aims to harmonize your business dreams with your personal well-being.


If you’re ready for tailor-made awesomeness, don’t wait for a sign. This is it!


We look forward to hearing from you.


Yvonne & Hannele

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