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Energetic alphabet
for your business

We make good plans. We march towards our goals.

And then life happens.

The money doesn´t flow although you invested so much, 

and you don’t know why. Somehow, you don't feel the flow. Your business feels tight, and sometimes you even doubt whether you're on the right path. You don't feel aligned.



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Energetic Alphabet for your business

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How can you explain the unexplainable?

My work is about tapping into your subconscious levels, making them visible to you in a practical and visual way. "Yvonne, you described my deepest inner processes better than I ever could have for myself." This is what I keep hearing from people I work with.

Are you a soulful sensitive entrepreneur or artist, or both? Then this energetic business alphabet might be for you. This course is a tender approach to the unique Soul Reader® method.

You will learn the "Energetic Business Alphabet" created by me for you, with love.

Monday, July 8th and Tuesday, July 9th -each at 8:30 AM EST / 2.30 pm CST

FREE of charge & LIVE

Lerne, Dich erfüllt zu fühlen auch wenn gerade alles schief läuft Und ganz plötzlich läuft


Get to Know Yvonne

I am a recovering over-worker, over-giver, over-achiever, highly sensitive and learning how to ride the ADD dragon. I have many interests and passions that all are co-existing peacefully and all making progress. It took some time until I had my unique rhythm down and until my business was aligned with my true self. This webinar is a sweet short cut and overview concerning energies and business. I live in Stuttgart, Germany and work with wonderful souls around the globe. Looking forward to getting to know you and your business closer.

"You described my inner processes so vividly and precisely, even better than I could have done it myself. I feel so seen and understood on a very deep level, in a way that a human being can possibly be seen."
"I was regularly overwhelmed with business. I had worries, suffered from stress, and was attached to the outcomes of my launches. Now I feel free, relaxed, and motivated."
"I shifted something within myself and gained a significant insight from it. That week, my money scarcity ended, and I made €20,000."
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