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Paradigm Shift &
deep transformation

You have seen already some shifts, you feel the progress, you want to unlock nature´s secret and you want to quantum leap into your next level self and see what is possible for you in this life time. You want to experience bliss, meaningfulness, calm, enthusiasm, joy and excitement, clarity and  you want to experience true miracles and synchronicities in life. This is the offer of your life. 3 powerful ingredients for over a year from now.. You save  € 4,000.00. This is an incredible Soul Make Over. Pimp your life!

This offer is for Soul Expansion members (1st generation) only. Expires 7/7/24

Set yourself up for a complete year of soulful inside transformation.


12 weeks - starting in August with a September break and resuming in October 2024

Be part of the 12 week Soul Expansion again. Although it is the same program, it is a different program. Stay in your elevated vibration, deepen your awareness and get surprised which third topic the group chooses this time. Receive new Readings and new exercises. Deepen what you learned by repetition. 

1x FLAMINGO JOURNEY (worth: €3,500.00)

6 months - Deep transformational paradigm shift (You can park this one until May 2025)

This is a giant paradigm shift and deep transformation. We dive into all areas of your life. We look at every topic, every aspect of your soul and mind. Everything you desire to take a closer look at and you can ask the field any question. Because everything can be eased, balanced, dealt with, healed, explored. Not only for healing hardships but also for growing joy and developing your business. If something keeps itching, a process is not finished. If there is overwhelm or tightness regularly, something needs to be looked at. We look at your blind spo, energy blocks and dive deep into your system n a mental level, as well as on a soul level and body level. This journey lasts 6 months. You will have 3 big transformational go-throughs. I am on standby 24/7 in these 6 months, whenever you need me. I lead you through every thinking spiral I teach you how you can handle the different phases that happen when they happen.

Worth: €3,500.00 + €2,500.00  € 6,000.00

for you until July 7th for € 2,750.00

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Let´s find your white rabbit!

"I am abundance. I nurture my soul." Deepen the sense for allowance and money flow through repetition and learn new aspects in a new group at a new time with a new topic. With these programs you will be trained for an ultimate soul make over to look at your unique energetic structures, deepen your own super-intuition. This powerful package helps to unleash your highest self. Find your own true  secret inner ingredient.

Instead of €6,000.00:
Pay in Full until 7/7
€ 2,750.00

Or use a 6 month
payment plan

start not later than 7/7

No plans available

Once there are plans available for pruchase, you'll see them here.

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