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Seven Sisters - Sisterhood

Original Request: "Yvonne, guide us, organize for us, lead us into a space where we can continues together, keep supporting each other, knowing we can supprt other women in our own communities, too."

This offer is for 1st generation "Soul Expansion" members only: Expires 7/7/24. 

This membership can be seen as a initiation for creating a sustainable sisterhood with the goal of a joined summit as equal partners as an extra source of income and impact on others. This community is sustainable if it is built up within an equally fair system and aligned with each Caro, Kathy, Dianne, Marla, Niki, Mariela and me. This year of membership has one goal: To let a shared topic come up that sparks everybody, as well as to work out the skills & sparks for each "sister" individually.  I will guide you through this fog and help us to form a supportive sisterhood. This sisterhood only happens, if all six of you take part. 

allow space.png

Empty space

Allow as a group and as an individual 

things and topics to come up naturally.

Phase 1: Tap into the unknown as a new formed sisterhood. This year will have a phase of exploration and unfolding. In this phase we will find out which topics sparks us as a group. We will also dive into the skills & sparks of each individual.

After this year we will be able to offer a summit and form our own membership as equal business partners and supporting sisters, aligned to the core of the seven souls.Learn how you can discover lost skills and joy for you and your business.

ride dragon.png

& Heal

Find and tame your monsters.

In a world where we risk to slip into old patterns, we hold open space for creative solutions. On the way we  will have space for experiments for trials & errors, fails & wins. We will try out different formats for our future system. We will be ble to experience whether it creates more sparks or not. You will be able to nurture your own community with this sisterhood in various ways I will guide you through different formats that you can make use for your own clients.

The goal

7 sisters create a summit.

The overall goal is to grow a sustainable community among us "7 sisters" that eventually carries itself not only within this 1 year program. We will develop a system that you can apply to your own members and flexibly change according to your needs. The goal is to become equal partners that are more than the sum of its parts but a powerful vibrant circle that grows naturally from inside out.

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